Never Compromise

Our business model is simple – we will only represent window and door manufacturers who are dedicated to provide products that consistently meet the highest quality standards. Our Project Consultants are well trained, talented and knowledgeable – we have over 70 years of combined experience in the luxury home markets of the Pacific Northwest. We are absolutely committed to providing exceptional customer service – from the initial design consultation, through to project management, delivery to the job site, and especially after the sale. Whether you are building, renovating, or dreaming, we guarantee you will not be able to source better products or have better representation from any other suppliers.  We can supply custom windows and doors or standard sizes but we do specialize in oversize windows, oversize doors, and sliding doors.

Extraordinary Windows & Doors

Fleetwood Windows of Los Angeles, California is the preeminent manufacturer of thermally-broken architectural aluminum windows and doors in North America. Fleetwood has developed many proprietary features – Class I anodizing is their standard, which reduces the amount of cooling lines that are prominent in other manufacturers Class II clear anodized profiles – “Archetype Mammoth” stainless rollers with authentic Swiss bearings – patented “Archetype” locking hardware, lock catch, and edge pull – and last but not least, stunning sized products that include 70 square foot IGU’s, 7’ tall casement windows, 7’ wide sliding door panels, 10’ tall sliding door panels, 12’ tall hinged door panels, and 8’ wide pivot door panels as well.

Quantum Windows of Everett, Washington make some of the finest wood windows and doors, and aluminum clad wood windows and doors available anywhere in the world. They feature locally grown edge-grain Douglas Fir and other standard species include Mahogany, Teak, Sapele, and Alaskan Yellow Cedar – Quantum will also work with just about any other suitable wood species available such as Oak, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut etc. Quantum takes a lot of pride in saying that every window and door they build is truly a work of art. Another work of art is Quantum’s “European” cladding system – unlike standard North American “wrap” clad systems that have a history of rot issues, Quantum’s cladding is surface mounted and designed to create air space between our pre-finished custom wood windows and doors, and the clad extrusions. This completely integrated system allows air and water to flow freely, preventing unwanted moisture from accumulating on the wood’s surface.

Please go to our “Products” section for more detailed information and links to the Quantum and Fleetwood websites.